fBuilder is a web-based utility for building and configuring your ipchains or iptables based Linux firewall. Written by the author of fwconfig, our fBuilder product line brings you many new and exciting features that will fit your firewall creation needs. InnerTek Software currently offers two versions of fBuilder: fBuilder Lite - a free version of fBuilder that includes a standard set of features and fBuilder Plus - includes edit, insert, and delete capabilities for firewall rules, automatic back traffic rule creation, enhanced support for DHCP users, log reporting by date/time range and export capabilities. fBuilder ships with a pre-configured version of the boa web server, so there is no need to deal with Apache configuration files.

fBuilder 2.2.x is written for ipchains (2.2.x Kernel) and 2.4.x is for iptables (2.4.x Kernel).

fBuilder is commercially supported by it's authors InnerTek Software, LLC. Support is handled via email.