When you download fBuilder, you are downloading a package with binaries. These binaries were built with and depend on the following being installed on your Linux system. fBuilder has been successfully tested on the following systems. If you download fBuilder and try to run it on a system other than what we have listed above and have problems, send an email to with detailed information about your system, such as the version of glibc, and Perl, and we will try to get a copy of fBuilder built for your system. Also let us know if it works!

Installing fBuilder

Download fBuilder from InnerTek Software to your Linux machine and untar the package to a local directory. Note: Do not unzip these files on a Windows machine as this has been known to corrupt the files. Before running the install file you must manually add a fbuilder account on your system. This account is needed by the boa web server and must be in place for the installation script to run correctly. The installation script assumes that you have Perl installed to /usr/bin/perl. If this is not the location that you have Perl installed to, you will need to modify the install script to specify the correct location or type 'perl install' to run it.

Running the Install Script:
  1. The first thing that the script asks if for a username and password. This is the username and password that you will use to access fBuilder for the first time.
  2. You will be prompted for your server name. This should be in the format. You MUST use a name on this screen, not the IP Address of the machine, for fBuilder to function properly. When connecting to fBuilder you will use the name entered on this screen by typing in the URL line of your web browser. If you forget the name that you entered, it is stored in /usr/local/fbuilder/.fbuilder_config.
  3. At this point the script should install your product and complete sucessfully.
fBuilder is now installed and the Boa web server has been started. Copy the fbuilder.lic file that you received in your email into /usr/local/fbuilder. You can now connect to fBuilder by typing in the URL line of your web browser, log in using the username and password that you specified in the install script, and proceed to use fBuilder to create new users and build your firewall.


As mentioned above, the boa web server is bundled with fBuilder. The file boa.conf is the configuration for the boa web server and is set to have boa listen on port 8000 by default.

If you restart your machine, you can start boa by typing /usr/local/fbuilder/boa while logged in as root or by having it run on startup by adding an entry to your /etc/rc.d/rc.local file, for RedHat users, or the appropriate start up file for your distribution.

Boa is distributed under the GNU General Public License, therefore, the source code for the boa distribution used with fBuilder is also available. You should have received the file boa-0.94.6.tar.gz with this package. If you did not, please send email to and include the location/server where you got this package.

For more information about the Boa web server go to