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Thousands of companies and organizations are moving their data to the web everyday, asking both their clients and users to rely on this medium as their main point of information. You are committed to provide your clients a high-availability web site and need redundant systems to supply this level of service. Right now, your firewall may be your single point of failure. Protect your company and your uptime with fCluster.

fCluster solves your need for redundancy by allowing you to set up master and slave Linux firewalls that provide fail over protection for your mission critical sites.

fCluster uses a master/slave model to provide redundancy. The slave (client) system is configured to poll the master (server) to find the state of the machine. The client will check to make sure that it has the most current version of the firewall, the firewall is running on the master system, and that the server is running. If the firewall on the server is more current, the client will update itself eliminating the need to make firewall changes on both your master and slave systems!

When the client senses that the server has failed it will begin a fail-over sequence. If the server recovers at any point during this time, the fail-over sequence is stopped and the client will resume its normal polling interval. When the client fails over, it assumes the identity of the server and activates the most current firewall. Polling intervals, retry counts, and alert addresses are all configurable so that you have control over your fCluster system.

fCluster is a multi-threaded client/server redundancy application. fCluster is designed for the production environment with features that include:
  • Dynamic firewall synchronization
  • A Perl administration utility
    • Configure both server and client from one machine
    • View status of the local and remote machines
  • Support for both ipchains and netfilter
  • User definable polling intervals and fail-over sequence
  • Email notification of a system failure
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