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fBuilder Plus     

fBuilder Plus is an upgrade from fBuilder Lite, with enhancements that include:
  • All fBuilder Lite features
  • Support for 2.4 and 2.6** Kernels (**New in 2.4.14)
  • Edit/Insert/Delete capabilities for all firewall rules which are accessed through the rule listing console.
    • This allows you to make dynamic changes to rules or insert new rules without having to restart your entire firewall.
    • After clicking on a rule, you will be brought to a screen much like the expert add utility. However, the fields will already be populated with the values of the current rule.
  • File Fingerprints for Intrusion Detection
  • NAT capabilities
  • Language Independent - Can be translated to any language
  • Support for custom protocols
  • Support for User Defined Chains
  • Support for Limit matches
  • State Checking
  • View Active Connections
  • DMZ Creation with Firewall Wizard
  • Support for IP Aliases
  • Automatic creation of Log Rules
  • Ability to view loaded modules
  • Log Reports and Alerts via email
  • Better support for DHCP users
  • Rule shifting
    • Shift rules to optimize the performance of your firewall
  • Auto network and NIC discovery
  • Redesigned scripts
    • Uses variables for common addresses and ports
    • New shell function for retreiving addresses from ifconfig
  • Ability to export your firewall into an rc.firewall script which can be used at boot time to start your firewall automatically.
  • Enhanced logging options and viewer
  • Integrated Documentation
fBuilder Plus adds a logging utility called fParse that can read and parse log files for all packet log entries, and report them to you. fParse can report log entries using names rather than IP addresses and implements a file cache of name lookups to speed up all subsequent lookups. fBuilder now gives you more control by allowing you to view your logs within a user specified time frame, by protocol, port, target, and more.

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