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fBuilder Lite     

fBuilder Lite is a major upgrade from fwconfig with enhancements that include:
  • Authentication
  • User administration
  • An enhanced firewall creation utility (known as the wizard)
  • Much stronger scripts that add:
    • SYN flood protection
    • Spoof protection
    • Disabling source-routed packets
    • More...
  • An expert add utility to allow users to build an entire firewall from scratch with much more control than allowed by the wizard including full support for:
    • ICMP types
    • SYN/ACK conditionals
    • TOS bit manipulation
    • Packet logging
    • The invert option
  • fBuilder ships with a pre-configured version of the boa web server, so there is no need to deal with Apache configuration files.
fBuilder Lite is available for ipchains only.
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