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Open Source:

Open Source software is growing. Are you on board?

The world of computers and networking is changing before your eyes. Open Source software is opening the door to technologies that many companies simply couldn't afford or didn't fit their needs. InnerTek is proud to service clients that have embraced Open Source and will work with you to understand where Open Source can fit in to your infrastructure.

Open Source is more than just Linux; although Linux is a major player in the Open Source revolution. There are products for just about every need found in the Open Source community and InnerTek will evaluate your business, find the solutions that will produce the greatest benefit to you, and implement those solutions to provide your company with a solution that realizes the maximum return on investment. Your solution may be Open Source or a proprietary technology such as a Microsoft product.

Only a company that is experienced in Open Source and Microsoft technologies can present you with the industry knowledge required to find the best solution for your organization. That company is InnerTek Software.

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